Drone Pilot Gregory Bowis holds his Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft System license. Greg is a 2010 graduate of Kaplan University, where he graduated cum laude with an AS in Computer Forensics. After graduation, he worked as a subcontractor to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“ATF”) for seven years.

At age sixteen, Greg was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a high-functioning form of autism. Drone Master Pro LLC was formed, in part, to provide Greg with the opportunity to excel in a career that accommodates, and celebrates, his autistic traits.

Drone Master Pro LLC believes that autism is not a hindrance to success, but that it gives those who are on the spectrum a unique set of skills to enable them to excel in their area of extreme interest. For Greg, his extreme interests are gaming and flying. By combining his two interests into remotely flying drones with a controller, Greg’s passions are realized and are transformed into a career where he can soar.

FAA Remote Pilot Certificate Number 4174554

FEMA Certificates: IS-00100.c; IS-00200.b; IS-00700.b; IS-00800.c


107.39(a) — Operation Over Human Beings 107W-2019-03197


107.29 Daylight Operation Waiver Number 107W-2019-01937

These Operational Waivers are attached to the following

107.41 Wide Area Airspace Authorizations:


DOV; Dover, DE

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08370

TTN; Trenton, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08385

ILG; Wilmington, DE

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08362


BWI; Baltimore, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07376

ESN; Easton, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13985

KFDR; Frederick, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07133

HGR; Hagerstown, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07134

MTN; Middle River, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07381

SBY; Salisbury, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13987

NHK; Patuxent River, MD

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14017

New Jersey

ACY; Atlantic City, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13988

CDW; Caldwell, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13989

MIV; Millville, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13993

MMU; Morristown, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13994

EWR; Newark, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13995

TEB; Teterboro, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13996

TTN; Trenton, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08385

WRI; Wrightstown, NJ

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13990


AGC; Allegheny County, PA

Number 2019-P107-CSA-09374

ABE; Allentown, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13997

AOO; Altoona, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-09339

BVI; Beaver Falls, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-09376

 BFD; Bradford, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13998

DUJ; Dubois, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13999

ERI; Erie, PA

Number 2019-P107-CSA-14001

JST; Johnstown, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-09370

MDT; Harrisburg, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08521

LNS; Lancaster, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14004

LBE; Latrobe, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-09375

CXY; New Cumberland, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08523

PHL; Philadelphia, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08377

PNE; Philadelphia, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-08384

PIT; Pittsburgh, PA

Number 2019-P107-CSA-09373

UNV; University Park, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-09372

RDG; Reading, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14005

AVP; Wilkes-Barre

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14006

IPT; Williamsport, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14008

THV; York, PA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14009


CHO; Charlottesville, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14010

DAN; Danville, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14011

IAD; Dulles, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07159

HSP; Hot Springs, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07451

LYH; Lynchburg, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14012

HEF; Manassas, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14013

PHF; Newport News, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14014

ORF; Norfolk, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14016

RIC; Richmond, Va

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14019

ROA; Roanoke, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14020

NTU; Virginia Beach, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14017

SHD; Weyers Cave, VA

Number 2019-P107-ESA-14021

West Virginia

BKW; Beckley, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07449

BLF; Bluefield, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07450

KCRW; Charleston, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07397

CKB; Clarksburg, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07450

EKN; Elkins, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07448

​KHTS; Huntington, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07447

LWB; Lewisburg, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07430

MRB; Martinsburg, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-13186.V2

MGW; Morgantown, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07392

PKB; Parkersburg, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07446

HLG; Wheeling, WV

Number 2019-P107-ESA-07435


APF; Naples, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17950

BCT; Boca Raton, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17951

BKV; Brooksville, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17952

BOW; Bartow, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17954

CEW; Crestview, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17956

COF; Patrick Air Force Base, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17958

CRG; Craig, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17961

DAB; Daytona Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17963

ECP; Panama City, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17965

EVB; New Smyrna Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17967

FIN; Flagler, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17969

FLL; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17973

FMY; Page, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17974

FRP; St. Lucie, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17976

FXE; Fort Lauderdale, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17978

GNV; Gainesville, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17979

HST; Homestead Air Reserve Base, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17982

HWO; North Perry, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17983

ISM; Kissimmee, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17985

JAX; Jacksonville, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17986

LAL; Lakeland, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17987

LEE; Leesburg, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17988

MIA; Miami, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18116

MCF; MacDill Air Force Base, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17989

MCO; Orlando, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-17990

MIA; Miami, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18116

MLB; Melbourne, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18117

NDZ; Naval Air Station Whiting Field, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18118

NEW; Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18121

NFJ; Choctaw Navy Outlying Landing Field , FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18122

NIP; Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18124

NPA; Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18125

NRB; Naval Station Mayport, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18128

OCF; Ocala, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18129

OMN; Ormond Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18131

OPF; Opa Locka, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18132

ORL; Orlando, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18134

PAM; Tyndall Air Force Base, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18135

PBI; Palm Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18136

PGD; Punta Gorda, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18137

PIE; St Petersburg, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18138

PMP; Pompano Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18139

PNS; Pensacola, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18140

RSW; Fort Myers, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18147

SFP; Stanford, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18148

SGJ; St. Augustine, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18149

SPG; St Petersburg, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18150

SRQ; Sarasota, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18151

SUA; Witham, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18152

TIX; Space Coast, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18154

TLH; Tallahassee, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18155

TMB; Tamiami, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18156

TPA; Tampa, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18160

VQQ; Cecil, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18161

VRB; Vero Beach, FL

Number 2019-P107-ESA-18162




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